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About Me

I'm a New York City-based writer and editor currently editing Following, a blog about internet culture, for New York magazine. I'm also a former editor-in-chief of Gawker and a founder of IRL Club. My interests include the internet, culture, media, fringe politics, the YouTube video where the dog rides the lawnmower, and the places where those things overlap.


The best way to get in touch for queries, pitches, or arguments is over email:

Recent Work

"Milling Time," The Awl. An essay about time, desire, fulfillment, anxiety, and strategy in fantasy-based collectible card games.

"We Are All Jim Halpert, and Everyone Else on the Internet Is an Army of Dwights," Following, An essay about the insufficiency of language and "thinking face" emoji.

"My struggle to get health insurance was more irritating than my full-body rash," Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times. A story about my full-body rash.

The YouTube Video Where the Dog Rides the Lawnmower