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About Me

I'm a senior editor at New York magazine, where I edit Select All, a blog about technology. I'm also a former editor-in-chief of Gawker and a founder of IRL Club. My interests include the internet, culture, media, fringe politics, the YouTube video where the dog rides the lawnmower, and the places where those things overlap.


The best way to get in touch for queries, pitches, or arguments is over email: If you're a source who'd like to contact me securely, I can be reached on Signal at 609-306-9995, and my PGP key is located here.

Recent Work

"Maybe the Internet Is Just Terrible After All," New York Magazine
What if the internet is actually bad?

"Donald Trump Won Because of Facebook," Select All
An excuse to use the word "fatberg."

"Did I Kill Gawker?," New York Magazine
A murder mystery-autopsy-confession-memoir.

On CFCF's the Colours of Life, The New York Times Magazine
A short essay about the revival of New Age and my favorite music of 2015.

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Recent Appearances

All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, talking about "fake news" on Facebook.

The Media Show on Radio 4, discussing Gawker and Peter Thiel.

Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky, talking about gadgets and Gawker.

The Brian Lehrer Show, discussing how Facebook's News Feed could influence the election.

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The YouTube Video Where the Dog Rides the Lawnmower